23rd August 2016

Recruit, Train, Retain – Part One


'Recruit, Train and Retain' is a powerful subject, we created to make sure we recruit the most successful applicants we can.  The first part - 'Recruit'.

Sphere Solutions is fast becoming one of the leading construction recruitment consultants in the UK.  Further into this article we will divulge our trade secrets on our recruitment process.

Recruiting in 2016

Recruiting in the 21st century couldn’t be any more different to traditional methods.  Sphere Solutions are always on top of their game, using only the most innovative recruitment software combined with good old fashioned persistence, unity and dedication.  We believe the quality, not quantity of candidates are of paramount importance to our clients which is why they keep coming back to us.

Understanding our Clients

We make sure we invest time in understanding every single client’s needs.  Providing a high quality and customer oriented approach results in the flexibility all contractors want.  That bespoke service focuses on individual skills, qualifications and requirements that will benefit your project.

Once we established our client’s needs, we pre-screen and pre-select the right candidates and put them forward for the right roles (not any candidate for any roles.)  We make sure everyone who works for us is happy so it is demonstrated in the quality of their work.


Where possible, consultants will maintain an excellent standard of communication with our clients.  We make sure you know exactly which stage we are in the recruitment process.  Given the nature of the construction industry, we always endeavour to provide highly skilled and talented candidates.  Therefore, obtaining genuine and quality references are an important task when verifying the candidate’s credentials.

Once we have found the right candidate for the vacancy, we bid farewell and move onto our next challenge.  But always ensure we stay in touch.

Watch this space for part two - training your newly recruited staff members.

Written by Neirin Millard