29th July 2015

Proud to be supporting the Lighthouse Club

The Lighthouse Club is a charity which provides financial support to construction workers and families who fall upon hard times through death, illness and injury.

The Club was founded in 1956 by Eddie Ward, who earned a MBE for his thirty years of service and hard work. His original vision for the Club still holds fast today: ‘The furtherance of good fellowship among people in the construction industry’.

Current Chairman Cormac MacCrann insightfully notes that it today’s economic turmoil, the Club’s charitable work “Has never been so relevant or so urgently needed.”

As well as its financial and legal assistance, the Club works hard to promote and support initiatives which improve safety and employment conditions in the construction industry. Being a totally not-for-profit organisation, the Lighthouse Club relies on the support of its donors and members.

Sphere Solutions have been working in the construction sector for over ten years, and have supported many Lighthouse Charity events in the past 4 years such as their annual boat cruise, spring balls and quiz nights. Our South West Area Director Rob Bennett is on the Lighthouse committee and works tirelessly to raise funds for what, in his own words, he describes as: “A true lifeline for those in the industry who have fallen on hard times.”

Giving just two small examples of how the Lighthouse has recently helped those within the construction community, he says: “It’s not just the big things which matter; it’s the little things which can make a big difference too. For instance we were able to donate £2,000 to the widow of a builder who sadly passed away. Even a basic funeral is expensive, and there was a considerable short-fall in what she could afford. We were pleased to be able to help; it’s heart-breaking enough having to bury your husband, without the added stress of money problems.”

Rob sites another recent example, where a construction worker who was diagnosed with cancer had to leave his home and move into more practical accommodation in order to physically cope with day-to-day life. “We did what we could to help,” says Rob. “We bought him a cooker and paid towards the carpets, otherwise he could have had bare floors and no way to cook.”


Anyone wanting to find out more about the club and its activities can do so via their website.

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