14th September 2017

Top Mistakes You’re Making With Your Construction Job Search

Searching for a job in the construction industry can be difficult, we know!

We've asked our consultants their top 5 reasons why candidate's are unsuccessful at their construction job search.

1. CV not up-to-scratch

This is the most common mistake made by job-seekers. Charlotte Wallen, who deals with the formatting of CV's explains "One time I had somebody send a CV typed out in all capitals. Someone also submitted a 17 page CV - no one wants to be reading through all of that!".

"The most important thing to remember is to keep everything relevant! Whilst a line or two about a hobby is great, a long paragraph about how you go surfing in your spare time is not going to help you get a job".

Our detailed CV Template is a foolproof guide to writing construction specific CV.

2. Not preparing properly for job interviews

Giles Wilson, principal consultant at Sphere, states how the most common interview mistake is lack of preparation. “In our experience, the worst thing that candidates can do is fail to prepare properly for an interview. In this day and age, information on any construction company is readily available"

"Key personnel can be easily found on LinkedIn, the type and stages of the projects can be found by a simple google search and even financial statements are available online!"

For a more in-depth guide, take a look at our common interview questions and tips, constructed by our specialist construction recruitment staff. To get the extra competitive edge, also see our body language guide. 

3. Not having the right qualifications

Whilst this may seem obvious, it is a hugely common mistake made by candidates.

Luke Prior, recruitment expert for trades & labour candidates says "Not having a CSCS card is the most common mistake made by candidates. I would say around 20% of our job applicants don't have one!"

"We do have the occasional vacancy that doesn't require a CSCS card, but 99% of construction jobs do! "

To make it easier for you, take a look at the  most requested qualifications for the most common construction jobs.

4. Poor reputation

A hugely important thing to consider is reputation. It is extremely important to be known for reliability, work ethic and attitude - these things don't go unnoticed!

Vinnie Fiera, team leader of our candidate recruitment team explains "Once you've got your cards, the only thing that's going to separate you from anyone else is reputation. This includes turning up to jobs when you say you will."

Giles adds "Some of us have over 15 years of industry knowledge and contacts. Consultant's will often speak to several people for insider knowledge and reference taking, long before a candidate's even sent for interview!"

5. Transport

The nature of construction means that many jobs can be in rural areas.

Vinnie notes "You could be an outstanding candidate, but if you don't have transport then you're limiting yourself to about 50% of construction jobs."


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