6th April 2018

What’s It Like Working At Sphere? Hear What Some Of Our New Recruits Have To Say!

We've interviewed some of the newest additions to #TeamSphere to gain an insight in to what it's like to start working at a market-leading recruitment agency.

Can you introduce yourself?

Cat – I’m Cat, I’m from the Plymouth office, and I do trades and labour, blue collar maintenance desk. I'm taking over from Charlotte who is moving over to white collar to do maternity cover for Raquel. I’ve been here since the beginning of February, so for a couple of months now.

Jeorgia – I’m Jeorgia from the Plymouth office, I initially came in in January, possibly to be a consultant, but it wasn’t really for me. I changed over in February to be a resourcer underneath Rob and Raquel. I deal with freelance White Collar recruitment.

Tayler- I’m Tayler, I’m in the Cardiff office. I work on freelance shop fit all over the UK resourcing for Aneurin.

Ross – I’m Ross, I’m working in the Cardiff office, resourcing for Ryan Hill. I do blue collar, trades and labour, and mechanical engineering.

So what was your first impression of Sphere?

Jeorgia – There’s a good atmosphere in the office, everyone’s a good laugh, and I think just the support from management is really good. I’ve constantly had training, somebody’s always there. Just really positive management I would say.

Cat- Yeah, pretty much the same as Jeorgia really. Obviously Raquel is, for those that don’t know, one of my best friends, has been since school, so I was kind of aware of the office dynamic just from talking to her about Sphere in general. And just to reiterate what Jeorgia said about management, Rob (Area Director) has been really supportive. In previous jobs I’ve been micromanaged. I’ve come here and Rob’s kind of just let me get on with it, but always made it known that he was there if I needed to ask any questions.

Tayler – I feel like everyone’s very welcoming, no one makes you feel uncomfortable or out of place, especially if you haven’t done it before. That’s a big thing.

Ross – It’s a good company to work for, probably because there’s a lot of career progression. So you don’t have to do what you’re set to do, you can always progress into a different area.

Tayler- It’s very diverse isn’t it?

What has been your best memory at Sphere so far?

Jeorgia – Definitely the team day that we did at Centre Parcs.

Ross – What a day!

Cat – I’d have to agree with Jeorgia, obviously we’ve not been here that long so it’s the only event we’ve really been to where everyone is as a team all together. So yeah, the breakfast meeting was really good. I met everyone when I came up to Cardiff on my second day here, but everyone was working so couldn’t really get to speak to people properly.

Jeorgia – And you’d have thought that the day would have been really boring, sitting in front of a PowerPoint presentation for hours, and where we’re new we don’t really know what they’re talking about but I actually found it really interesting and everything just seemed really positive and really motivating.

Tayler – The Centre Parcs thing, the team building!

Ross – Yeah Centre Parcs as well! That was a really good day that.

Tayler – Trying to lead Jeorgia around the tennis courts blindfolded was the best.

Ross – Trying to lead Jeorgia anywhere is a challenge to be honest, never mind blindfolded.

Jeorgia – Yeah you’re right there!

So did you find that you are all closer as a team after that?

All – Yeah

Tayler – Definitely. And I feel like our little candidate recruitment team all get along really well.

Jeorgia – Yeah, with our incentives everyone has been so good at motivating each other and helping to achieve the goal.

Where do you see yourself at Sphere in the next year?

Cat – I came in as a trainee recruitment consultant so I’m keen to take the next steps up. I’ve got a quarterly review with Rob today so I’m sure we’ll go through progression opportunities in more detail. I don’t think I’ll be a trainee for much longer, so I’ve just got to hit my targets and go up and up and up.

Jeorgia – For me, I’m quite into the resourcing side of things but obviously, like Ross said, there’s so much room to move and progress that I don’t know what I’m going to be doing in a years’ time. I came in with the potential of becoming a consultant so that could be the next step for me, if I want to. It’s really nice that you’ve got the choice and it’s not forced on you what direction you should go in.

Tayler – Same as Jeorgia really, I came in as a resourcer and I’m happy to perfect this before I go anywhere. The next step for me would be a consultant, maybe in a sector that we haven’t done before.

Ross – For me, I came in as a resourcer with the mindset of becoming a consultant long-term, so I’m definitely aiming towards that. But as long as I’m here, I’ll definitely be going for a consultant role.

So do you all feel like there’s room to progress?

All- Yeah

Tayler – I feel like everyone’s really accommodating as well. If you want to progress they will accommodate your desire to do that.

Ross – Also, if you are a resource no one treats you as if you’re ‘below’ them. You’re all treated exactly the same.

Jeorgia – Yeah, that’s so true!

Tayler- The principal consultants' speak to you and just as they would talk to each other.

Jeorgia – It doesn’t feel like you’re just a resourcer or that you’re underneath the consultant’s, it’s like you’re on the same level as them as well.

Cat- I completely agree with that.

How does Sphere compare to other companies’ you have worked for?

Ross – Miles apart from them!

Jeorgia – I think the management side of things shows how different Sphere is to other companies because of how accommodating and nice the management are. They’re just so supportive of us that it’s exciting to come into work.

Ross – When I get home as well, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been to work. For example, I’m here now and it doesn’t really feel like I’m “working”, even though I’m doing stuff, it’s nothing like I’ve had before.

Tayler – And realistically all we’re doing is getting paid to help people.

Cat – When I work at my previous company when I was in recruitmemt, I had never met, physically saw, or even received a phone call of email from any of the directors. Coming here, I’ve met the two James’ a few times and we get really motivational emails from them. I know before, I got an email about all of my training feedback, and the little things added in such as ‘thank you’ and ‘have a good Easter’ as well. They definitely go out of their way to speak to everyone individually and I think that’s really nice!

What do you think about the training at Sphere then?

Jeorgia – Brilliant!

Cat – Better than what I’ve had previously. You’re not put under any pressure.

Jeorgia – And it wasn’t boring at all, the first day of it I found it so interesting and I feel like I learned so much!

Ross – Yeah, exactly the same.

Tayler – It’s really insightful because you actually learn a lot.

Ross – Straight to the point as well wasn’t it? What you needed to know was all there.

Tayler – And Tracey, who does the training, is always on hand, so if you wanted to email her and ask her something she’s always there to help.

How does all of this help to give a better service to candidates and clients?

Ross – We’re using the training now, I’m always remembering stuff from the training so I know that I’ve got the information I need.

Jeorgia – I think as well, the way we’re treated is going to make our service better because we’re more motivated to do more. When you feel appreciated by the company, you definitely go the extra mile.

Tayler – Coming in as new, we don’t always know what we need to know. I feel that after doing it for a couple of months that there’s nothing in terms of training that has been missed out. The company has taught us everything we need to know to provide the best service.

Finally, what's the best thing about Sphere?

Tayler – I’ve never worked for a company that does so many challenges and activities for charities. I know lots of companies do some things, but most of the time they just give money. Sphere actually get everybody involved and get the staff on board with fundraising events such as the three peaks challenge, cycling and that. I think it’s really good how everyone comes together as a team for charities as well, not just for work or a night out.

Cat – Can I just add to that as well, that Chris (Financial Director) and Rob (Area director) have been really accommodating. I basically started with a really bad back, I was having physio and everything, and I emailed Chris about getting a back rest and a foot rest, just to make it easier. Within only a couple of day’s I had everything that I needed, Chris was really on it helping me to get it all sorted. Sometimes, with other companies, when you request things, you have to chase it or go about getting it yourself and just claim it back, whereas Chris was just like “Yes, no problem” and it was with me in a couple of days. It made life so much easier for me.

Tayler – Things like that make you want to come to work. I bet some days you were in agony and wouldn’t have wanted to come, but the fact that they’ve been so accommodating does motivate you to come in.

Cat – It really makes you feel like you’re more than just a number on the payroll.

Ross – I remember once I was really unwell during training and Dave (Area Director) told me to rest so that I was better, but I think any other company wouldn’t be as understanding about that.

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